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Hi, I'm Brad! I'm a software developer living in Los Angeles and working at Google. I've been a software developer since I graduated from Northwestern University (which is confusingly in Illinois) in 2012. I've been at Google since June 2017. I joined Google after 5 years in the rainy Pacific Northwest where I worked at both Amazon and Microsoft.

I love software problems of all kinds, and I'm at home working anywhere in the stack. At Amazon and Google, my time has primarily been spent working with distributed systems. In the Amazon world, that meant web services which interact via HTTP and store their data in NoSQL backends. At Google, that means Stubby and magical distributed database backends like Spanner.

On the other end of the spectrum, my time at Microsoft was spent fixing issues across the Windows codebase that issues that impact an individual client. To give a sense of how broad that charter was, code I wrote ships today in the Xbox One hypervisor, the NT kernel, the HoloLens video capture pipeline, and the Windows Performance Analyzer just list a few components.

While I was an undergraduate at Northwestern, I contributed to the Palacios hypervisor and the super neat Omnipedia client for Wikipedia. I also wrote my own compiler.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my free time skiing, hiking, traveling, watching movies, and working on my ray tracer.




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